Roger Conville was born and reared in Birmingham, where he learned a love of fishing and nature from his dad and older brother. He graduated from the University of Montevallo and was in business for 25 years until he co-founded the Black Warrior Riverkeepers and took up the cause of international water conservation. Fiancé of Barbara Sloan, Roger has two grown daughters, one grandson and another on the way. He is now in real estate. Having studied the Enneagram with the Howells for years, he joined ICB’s certification class for formal training in February 2017.

Becky Evans grew up in rural Louisiana where she spent her childhood running through the woods and fields, playing with her many brothers and sisters. She received her nursing degree in 1974 and has spent her career serving the underserved, uninsured poor. She is the mother of two grown sons, and now enjoys two grandsons. After attending the Enneagram conference at Beecken Center in April, 2016, Becky enrolled in the ICB certification program and began devoting a great deal of time to reading and study of the Enneagram and its principles. “The Enneagram tools allow me to take responsibility for the present and future,” she says. “There’s much grace in this.”

Jason Haessly grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but has lived in Birmingham, Ala. for more than 20 years. An RN, he joined the Cardiovascular ICU team at Brookwood Hospital five years ago. “The decisions we make in a critical care setting have life and death consequences, and that definitely influences my perspective in other areas of my life,” he says. He now manages patient education and heads up the ICU’s effort to promote and support healthier lifestyles for patients after surgery. Jason became interested in the Enneagram after he met Brigid Galloway in 2012. “The Enneagram is an incredible tool for learning about ourselves and each other,” he says. “We can speak the same language, and that understanding brings us closer in our relationship.” Jason joined ICB’s certification class in February, 2017.

Melinda Hawkins grew up in Mobile, Ala. playing outdoors, swinging, checking on morning glories, playing dolls and making her clubhouse in the trees. She was a high school English teacher, guidance counselor, AP Director and English Dept. Chair. She has been married for 44 years and has three children and five grandchildren. Melinda began study of the Enneagram at the ICB Conference at Beecken Center in April, 2016, and decided to enroll in ICB’s certification program. “The Enneagram has made me more compassionate because I now see everyone as originating from an essence, sustaining a wound, and adopting a coping mechanism,” she says. “My gratitude for God’s limitless grace continues to grow.”

Kyung Sook “Walker” Lee was born and raised in Korea. She came to the US in 1971 to pursue her graduate studies in Medicinal Chemistry. After a career in Basic Pharmaceutical Research and Health Science Policy Analysis, Walker’s early retirement has given her luxurious time to explore her childhood passion for dance, poetry, writing and painting. About a decade ago, with requests from close friends, she pursued a double certification program for life coach, Personal as well as Business/Executive in New York University. Many modalities including NLP, 3 Principles, Developmental psychology, Yoga, and Buddhism were added. The latest was Higher Brain Living facilitation. After 25 years of Manhattan living, she moved to Hendersonville, NC, and opened her practice, Self Care Space a year ago. She joins the ICB Certification class in February, 2017. “Enneagram study will provide a deeper structure to my direction,” she says.

The Reverend Reid McCormick is an Episcopal parish priest who desires for people of the world to be reconciled and nurtured by the love of Christ. His exploration and application of the tenets of the Enneagram have assisted in forming his spiritual identity and his relationship with others. The Enneagram serves as a key element of Reid’s overall spiritual practice and provides an awareness that has transformed his life in meaningful and lasting ways. Reid’s spiritual practice is also rooted in Franciscanism as taught by Richard Rohr.  Reid has varied interests including hiking, fishing, archery hunting, boat building, guitar and photography. He and his wife Jackie have two adult daughters and two Scottish Terriers who keep them on their toes.

Sara Nally grew up in Bardstown, Ky. As a child she enjoyed throwing marshmellows up to the ceiling and making them stick. She also liked making flower chains and often fell asleep with her books piled around her. If you haven’t guessed, she has typed herself as an Ego 4 (with a strong 5 wing). Sara is a Presbyterian minister and worked in parishes for 12 years. She is currently a spiritual director in Sewanee, Tenn. where she lives with her husband, Jim Goodmann. Sara and Jim joined ICB’s certification program in July, 2016 after attending the Enneagram conference at Sewanee. “The Enneagram has given me more insight and understanding into myself and others,” she says. “This helps me be less judgmental and more compassionate and empathetic.”

Kate Tremblay is a massage therapist passionate about helping clients connect to their Essence through deep relaxation, presence, and touch. She grew up in Vermont in a busy household with four siblings.  She enjoyed taking long walks in the woods (sometimes on stilts), cross-country skiing, baking bread, and finding quiet solitude in beautiful natural surroundings. She’s been married for 21 years to her business partner and best friend and shares her home with a cat, a dog, and two colonies of bees. Kate is an avid reader and gardener. She renewed her study of the Enneagram this January hoping to better understand a repeated conflict on her spiritual path. Kate says, “Studying the Enneagram has helped me see my ego more clearly and not be so incapacitated by its shenanigans in my desire to grow.”

Denise White grew up on a small farm in Piedmont, Ala. As a child, she loved running through the fields of freshly tilled soil and smelling the damp earth. She recently retired after a career as civil servant for the Defense Logistics Agency. She has been married for 39 years and is “mom” to an African Gray parrot. Her spiritual journey has brought her to a place where she seeks to grow a deeper faith in her daily walk with God. “Through the study of the Enneagram, I found a spiritual mapping tool that clearly provides insight into many of my reactions and questions about why things have happened in my life,” she says. “The more I read about the Ego and the False Self, and the more I recognize my own personality traits, the more I begin to understand.”

John Wolownik has discovered the Enneagram as an enlightening tool on how we make our ways in the world. He has enjoyed the transformative process of being more grounded as well as the lightness of being that is possible when we are able to flow with our sense of who we are. The ability and capacity to continue to become more alive and experience the presence and fullness of life both within and without continues to catalyze his self-discovery. After attending the Enneagram Conference at Kanuga in October, 2016, John joined ICB’s Certification class in February, 2017. “I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with others and the preciousness of our indestructible innocence that we all have in common,” he says.


Shannon Adams grew up in Central Florida were she loved the outdoors, swimming and playing with friends. An Ego Type 2, Shannon earned her BS in Elementary Education in order to work with children. Her desire to help others led her to go onto receive her MA in Counseling. She worked in schools as a guidance counselor, in group homes as a therapist and in private practice as a mental health counselor and play therapist. She is currently a Pastoral Care Coordinator at Saint Peter’s Church in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. She and her husband have been married 29 years and have two children and 2 granddaughters. Shannon began her study of the Enneagram several years ago and joined ICB’s certification program in January, 2016.

Ellen Dark loved being in an academic environment and interacting with like-minded people brought together to learn and grow. For years, she was a devoted special ed teacher and taught GED and art classes. This work provided her with great satisfaction as she saw them gain confidence and achieve success.  Ellen counts her son, Jerrod, high on the list of her blessings. As a member of the ICB class of 2016, Ellen is quick to tell you that the Enneagram changed her life. “I have sought the truth most of my life,” she says. “Within the Enneagram, I have found the tools of true change.”

Teresa Espinoza grew up in a small, rural community playing in the creeks and woods near her home. She is retired from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service, where she worked for 30 years as agent for various programs including with youth in 4-H programs and with adults in the area of home economics, community and economic development. She is a member of the Sylacauga First Baptist Church where she serves as volunteer library director and assistant teacher for their Sunday morning class. Teresa began study of the Enneagram in October, 2015 at the Kanuga Conference. “In the past year, the Enneagram has helped me to see the role I have played in my relationships and daily life,” she says. “It has shown me areas of unconsciousness and how to begin making progress to a more conscious level. It has also helped me gain a new perspective on other people’s actions and reactions.”

Erika Jobes grew up in Birmingham, Ala. A natural athlete, she loved playing sports and being with her friends and her dog. She received her BSN in nursing from the University of Alabama and went onto receive her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner. After 10 years in healthcare, she got her MBA and joined her husband, Jon, in his landscape business. She and Jon became intrigued with the Enneagram three years ago after a colleague shared his knowledge with them. Determined that it would help them with all their relationships, Erika began reading all she could find on the subject and eventually met Joe Howell. She and Jon now use the principles they’ve learned through their work in ICB’s certification in their everyday lives and to help manage their 50+ employees.  “As an Ego Type 8, when I return to my essence I’m a servant leader and a very compassionate, nurturing person,” she says. “When I apply that in our business, our retention rates go up. Our turn-over rates go down. My relationships with our team members, customers and vendors, completely changed.”

Jon Jobes is a native of Birmingham, Ala. where he grew up building forts, exploring the woods, climbing trees and (occasionally) setting things on fire. His love of the outdoors led him to study landscape design, horticulture and contracting. He and his wife (and high school sweetheart) Erika Jobes now own and manage NatureScape, Inc. Jon is father of active two boys who keep his love of Star Wars and soccer alive, and inspire him to remain present. Jon and Erika have learned to use Enneagram within their relationships and as a management tool in their business. “The hardest thing for me to learn and understand about consciousness is not about ‘doing’ but about ‘being,’” Jon says. “You cannot force it. It just happens on its own and you do not even know it until after the fact when you look back. It is an awe inspiring experience — if you are ready for it.”

Lynne Kemp grew up in Gloucester, Va. where she loved playing outside, swimming and riding motorcycles with her cousins and siblings. As an Ego Type 5, her love of learning led her to receive her medical degree in medicine, but after her residency, she choose to become a full-time parent to her two daughters, now ages 14 and 17. She was accepted into Richard Rohr’s Living School in August, 2016. She began studying the Enneagram in October, 2015 and joined ICB’s certification class of 2016. “The Enneagram made me aware of where I like to go to get filled up in life,” she says. “It has made me aware that I need to move out into the world and participate in life, rather than just absorb knowledge.”

Tom Poyner grew up in Fayette, Alabama listening for the daily passing of the Southern Railroad. He was inspired by nature and found many outlets for his creativity, whether it was putting on plays, drawing or performing magic tricks. Tom applied his creative soul to his studies at the University of the South and then at Oxford. He began working for the Episcipol Church after college and currently serves as the chaplain to the University of California, Berkley. As a member of the Certification class of 2016, Tom’s musical talents are greatly appreciated at ICB events. “It has helped me to understand the importance of my negative patterns and what integration means,” he says. “It also helps me to approach others with more understanding and compassion.”

Burns Rogers grew up among the tobacco fields of Kentucky playing with his cousins and neighbors. His summers were spent swimming, singing, bike riding and at sleepovers with friends. Burns is an Epidemiologist and vocational deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Tenn. He and his wife Donna (also in the ICB class of 2016) share many interests, including cooking, singing and their teenage daughter, Maddie. On occasion, Donna cedes the kitchen and Burns whips up his speciality, shrimp and grits. Burns’ study of the Enneagram has opened his eye to a new world of self-understanding. “I am better equipped to keep my ego in  check and be more tolerant of others,” he says. “It has also helped me better understand the person God intended me to be.”

Donna Stokes-Rogers is an Episcopal music minister whose voice is a true gift from the Divine. She grew up in the suburbs of Birmingham, where her Soul Child took delight in the great outdoors as well as the conveniences of urban life, such as movies, theaters, museums and shopping malls. No matter where she roamed, Donna was never far from a book; and she became an avid reader and storyteller. She is a graduate of EfM and an active member of the Women of St. Paul’s and attends Women in Theological Study. Donna and her husband Burns joined ICB’s certification program together in Jan. 2016. “Music is something that I love and fills my being,” she says. “As I grow older, it grow to a deeper appreciation of the power of music.”


Delores “Dee” Cox first began studying the Enneagram in May, 2014. As a life-long seeker, she was captivated by the paradigm of spirituality imparted in the teachings. “It provides a way to see and be seen; to hear and be heard; to know and be known; to feel and be ‘felt’; to understand and be understood,” she says. An Ego Type 7 who seeks joy in life, recently, when it came time to choose a place to live, she found herself drawn to the coastal woodlands of Pauley’s Island, which is 30 miles from where she grew up. As a child, she enjoyed the outdoors and nature. She spent as much time as she could on the beach and in the woods. Now, as she moves towards a deepening appreciation for her soul child sensibility, Dee finds herself once again drawn to the beauty of this natural setting. After retiring from teaching in the public schools, she has turned her joy of sharing her knowledge to her clients in her LPC practice. Dee has been married for 47 years and has two sons and two grandchildren.

Ann Ellison was born on her grandmother’s cotton farm in 1938. “The rooster crowed, the chickens were scratching, and the mules harnessed for a long day’s work,” she recounts. “I followed my Grandmother around as she did her day’s work.” Over the past year getting back in touch with the rich appreciation for life she had as a child has been part of Ann’s work within the Spirituality of the Enneagram. Her recent life has been shaded by loss. She was married to the love of her life, Robert Ellison, for 41 years before he died in 2010. She also lost two sons. After becoming a widow, Ann retired from her work as a hospice social worker and long-term care consultant. Ann was the SW director of the first hospice program opened in a nursing home in South Carolina. After the death of her husband, she moved to her hometown in Gaffney, S.C. where she attends the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation and is in her third year of EfM.

Brenda Jones began studying the Enneagram and it has helped her become stronger and more flexible to change. “Because of this study my relationships are flowing better and are not so restrictive,” she says. “As I have moved around the hexad, I see that this study has opened my world to incredible new experiences.” Brenda grew up in Anniston, Alabama, where she still lives today. As a child, she enjoyed swimming, going to church, playing the piano and all forms of music. Today, she is a member of Highlands Church in Birmingham, Ala. and attends classes at the Yoga Center in Anniston. Retired from the Army Department of Civil Service, she enjoys spending time with her three children and five grandchildren. As an Ego Type Two, Brenda aspires to practice moving around the hexad in her professional world to see where changes will lead.

Dick Marsden has worked at various paying jobs since age 12. Following graduation from college, he joined the Navy and flew fighter aircraft aboard ship. After 12 years he transitioned into Aeronautical Engineering Duty, performing management RDT&E functions until his retirement. He then went to work with GE Aerospace and, after 20 years in defense aerospace management, retired from the Boeing Company. “All I can say about these experiences is that I grew in many ways over the years, finally desiring to return after final retirement to my childhood dream — spiritual work. It first manifested as church work, but now has evolved to learning the Enneagram and its spiritual depth.” Dick has two children and seven grandchildren. He now lives in a relationship with Lynn Welling (also in the ICB class of 2015) who significantly feeds his soul, allowing for personal growth while enabling Dick’s desire to be supportive. He is a member of the International Spiritual Directors Association. His spiritual life has become one of daily meditation and study of the Enneagram — especially its spiritual dimensions. “The Enneagram has showed me the strong role ego plays in our lives, how we stray from Essence, and how we can ‘alchemically’ be changed (thanks, Joe!!) to become conscious and integrated as ego and essence.”

Sharon McLeod grew up in the low-country of South Carolina. As a child, she enjoyed playing house and building forts using fallen logs in the woods, and spending summers at the beach. After receiving a Masters in Counseling from The Citadel, she worked in Human Resources management, before moving into private practice in clinical counseling. Sharon currently lives in Columbia, SC where she shares office space with her daughter, who is a clinical psychologist. One of the main modalities she uses with her clients is the Voice Dialogue/Psychology of the Selves and Aware Ego process, which is a  psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness. “I am learning that this process coupled with the Enneagram facilitates a more rapid understanding of self,” she says. “I have used it in my life as well as with clients, focusing on how this information can facilitate a better understanding of one’s self and one’s motivations. Studying with Dr. Howell this year, I have begun incorporating the Enneagram’s deeper process of the Holy Ideas and the soul child, providing a deeper connection to myself and greater empathy for others.”

The Rev. Mary Morrison enjoys getting to know people and their stories. As a pastor she has the opportunity to engage with persons throughout their life journeys and especially at times of transitions like birth of a child, parenting, illness, crisis and death. These times offer deeply personal interactions and holy moments when faith and life intersect in powerful experiences. Mary’s gifts as a teacher provide creativity engaging in Scripture and theology, as well as practices of the faith. She is sharing her knowledge of the Enneagram with the pastoral and program staff of the church to aid them as they both work together in ministry and share that responsibility with leaders in the church. The One’s Holy Idea of Holy Growth fits well with Mary’s call as Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Fort Hill Presbyterian Church in Clemson, SC. She prefers to think in terms of potential instead of the trap of perfection. Mary holds two masters degrees in Christian education and divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary. She is married to her best friend, Mark, and together they enjoy camping, hiking, and photography and keeping up with their two young adult daughters, Hannah and Sarah.

Melanie Rodgers is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music where she earned a Bachelor of Music degree. Throughout her career, she has blended together her love of teaching and performing, as well as providing music for therapeutic and praise/worship purposes. Currently, Melanie is on the faculty of Birmingham Southern College’s Conservatory of Fine and Performing Arts as a violin, fiddle and viola instructor. She considers providing music for Kanuga Conferences a very special  privilege; one which feeds her soul and fills her with joy. “The journey of the Enneagram, like walking a labyrinth, has cleared an inward path bringing me back to my true self,” she says. “In becoming ‘reacquainted’ with my essence and ‘making friends’ with the oldest, purest parts of my soul, I am stronger and more equipped for the path outward. In better understanding and owning who I am, I can better fulfill the role I was designed to play in God’s bigger picture.”

The Reverend Spenser Simrill identifies himself as an Ego Type Two. He has been married for 43 years to Stuart Simrill (also a member of the ICB Class of 2015) and they are the parents of four children. Spenser’s healthy desire to give is evidenced in his work as a priest in marginalized communites. He counts among his accomplishments the ability to bring “humor, compassion and care for the outsider.” He is a sixth grade school teacher and volunteer coordinator at Koinonia Farm, a Christian inter-faith community in Americus, Georgia, which is focused on demonstrating the way of Jesus. He is also a member of the Piedmont Mindfulness Community. “The Enneagram provides a clear, holy path for my personal and spiritual maturity,” he writes. “The soul work of the Enneagram has given me a sense of freedom and grace, which allows me to know that I am not my job. I am accepted and loved not because of my giving, but by Jesus’ grace.”

Stuart Simrill is an Ego Type Five, and discovers great satisfaction in the study of art, history, ornithology, field biology and education. She grew up in Harrod’s Creek, Kentucky playing in the woods, biking, camping, horseback riding and (of course) reading. She has been married to Spenser for 43 years and together they embarked upon the study of the Enneagram with the Institute for Conscious Being after attending the Enneagram Conference at Kanuga in December, 2014. Stuart’s journey with the Enneagram began decades ago; however, around the same time she began her work as a Spiritual Director. She is also a partner in Koinonia Farm, a certified Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, a member of Spiritual Directors International and the Piedmont Mindfulness Community. She is a yoga practitioner, sings in choir and applies her very healthy Ego Five ability of observation as a birdwatcher. “The Enneagram has helped me move from a life of self-doubt to a rich, full artistic life,” she says. “A life full of self acceptance, and family and friends.”

The Reverend Pam Smith began her career as a psychiatric social worker in Valparaiso, Indiana. An Ego Type Five with a thirst for knowledge, she went on to receive her law degree from Stetson University. As an attorney, she provided legal services in private practice, as well as for municipalities. Then in 2008, she turned her intellect to spiritual pursuits and earned her divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. She served as pastor for churches in Georgia and Florida before accepting a position with First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Discovering the Enneagram has been a further addition to her spiritual growth. “In times of stress, I am increasingly aware of my tendency to act from my ego type rather than my true self,” she says. “And in those times when I feel ‘on my game’, so to speak, I can see how that draws on my true self. In those awarenesses, I grow.”

Reginald “Reggie” Thomas grew up in a rural village in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island in the southern Caribbean. As a child he loved to help his parents with chores and in their shop. He went on to receive his MBA in finance and now serves as Executive Director of the social security program in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where he does his part to lessen the suffering in the world. He has been married for 26 years and has three sons. Reggie also serves as lay pastor in the Methodist church in the Caribbean and the Americas serving St. Vincent and is Regional Assistant Trainer for the Walk to Emmaus (Caribbean Region). He first encountered the Spirituality of the Enneagram two years ago at the Academy for Spiritual Formation. “The Enneagram has brought me an awareness of life and living that is essential,” he says. “It offers a lens through which my outlook, relationships and general actions are accessed.”

Lynn Welling is a consummate Ego Type Seven. Lynn grew up in Paradise — Paradise, Kansas, that is — where her glass was always half-full. As a child, she directed her neighborhood troop into fabulous adventures of dauntless wagon trains, bike trips into the country and sports competitions. “Music was a huge part of my life,” she writes. “I was particularly joy-filled when I just played alone, swinging and singing my awe, wonder and appreciation to the beauty of Nature.” Moving towards her healthy integration point, Lynn received multiple majors at the University of Kansas (Psychology & Speech Communications & Human Relations); a Masters in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and certificates in many professional curiosities. Applying these degrees to various careers, Lynn’s Seven energy can be seen in her varied career as high school psychology teacher, fund raiser/executive director, investment advisor, mortgage banker, sales/marketing professional and Independent business owner. Her inherent quest for knowledge led her to study the sound healing work of Tom Kenyon. She is also a member of the International Association of Spiritual Directors. In 2013 her quest led her to meet her dear love, spiritual companion and fellow traveler, Dick Marsden (also a 2015 ICB graduate), and together they were drawn to study the Enneagram with Dr. Joe Howell in 2014.

Matthew Wellington is a spiritual seeker with a background in Christianity and a deep longing to discover truth in whatever form he may find it. Matt lives in Pell City, Alabama where he works as a juvenile court liaison for JBS mental health. He has a Masters in community agency counseling and is working towards license in private practice. Matt is a single dad to a precious six-year-old daughter, whom provides him with great inspiration as he rediscovers his soul child. In 2014, his journey brought him to study the Spirituality of the Enneagram with Dr. Joseph Howell. “After discovering my ego type, the Enneagram has provided an awareness and a path to follow for finding myself on a deeper level,” he says. “I look forward to continuing my journey.”

Margaret Wray identifies herself as an Ego Type Six. As such, she has lived a life of participating in her community — wherever she roamed. Her husband’s 50 year career in academic surgery found Margaret moving to Charlottesville, Baltimore, St Louis, Rochester and Augusta. They retired to the Savannah area in 2012. While in St. Louis, Margaret was on the chapter at CCC and a delegate to the convention in addition to teaching Sunday School. She has remained active in the Episcopal church, been the class representative from the nursing school at the University of Virginia to the Alumni Association, part of the University Wives Association, hosted exchange students with American Field Service students, and serves on the board of the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation, whose mission statement is to find cures for conditions that have been previously untreatable. Margaret also works with Hospice Savannah in the outreach and education programs, and is currently enrolled in the EfM course and teaching Godly Play at St Peter’s Episcopal church on Skidaway Island. She also enjoys volunteering at Kanuga Conferences. Margaret has found the Enneagram to be “a roadmap for clarifying my options and choices.”


Terri Bailey is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Columbia, South Carolina. She received her JD from the University of SC. She and her husband, Stan, have been married 27 years and underwent the Enneagram Certification Training together. They have four grown children. Terri is very involved with Saint Martin’s-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, where she is currently a diocesan coordinator for EfM. Terri mentors a weekly EfM seminar that meets for 36 weeks from September to May and helps participants discern the spiritual practices which work best for them, along with teaching a serious study of the Bible and Church history. An ego Type Three, Terri also teaches the wisdom of the Enneagram and uses it as a tool to get in touch with her essence. “The Enneagram has transformed every aspect of my life,” she says. “As I strive to see the soul child in every person I meet, I have developed a greater understanding of the folks around me and a greater capacity to empathize with others.”

Stan Bailey lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with his wife and fellow 2014 Enneagram certified instructor, Terri. His love of music prompted him to try his luck in Nashville as a songwriter and he has a tape of Trisha Yearwood singing one of his songs to prove it! Although he is now a successful salesman, he still loves to perform, sing and make music. Stan is a Les Mills BodyPump and BodyStep instructor, and loves to sail on Lake Murray. An ego Type Seven, Stan holds a deep appreciation for Disney World. “Over this year, I’ve seen that getting in touch with my soul child has helped me see my essence more clearly,” he says. “The Enneagram has given direction to my spiritual journey.”

Bob Campbell worked a long career in public transportation, focusing particularly on bus scheduling, which was a natural for his Type Five ego. But scheduling became more than a numbers game; it involved the desire to understand the needs and motivations of passengers and drivers. Bob is active in the Episcopal Church, having served on parish vestries as well as participating in diocesan convention and representing the church in ecumenical and interfaith events. Bob first discovered the Enneagram in 2002 and has used it as an aide to discern how the multiplicity of personalities can be understood in an organized fashion. He hopes to share his Enneagram training with others on Long Island, where he lives with his wife.

Becky Grisell lives in Greenville SC. She is a wife, mother of three, a RN by education, and a faithful Christ-follower. She is a volunteer counselor of women caught in the trap of addiction and teaches the power, healing and freedom available in a relationship with Jesus. Becky is pursuing her MD with a Spiritual Formation concentration at George Fox Seminary in Portland OR and her certification as a Spiritual Director. Becky was drawn to study the Enneagram because of its ability to deepen clarity and awareness-bringing healing. “The Enneagram opened me up to an increased capacity to live life and love from within my true essence,” Becky says. “I now feel awake and alive, able to bring wisdom and truth of the Enneagram to all my relationships, transforming all aspects of my life.”

Sylvia M. Hamlin is a retired minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), having served in the areas of chaplaincy, hospice, and parish ministries in Georgia. She received her Masters of Theological Studies from Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Sylvia and her husband, Gordon, attended Dr. Howell’s 2013 Enneagram Conference together, each experiencing the awareness of God’s Spirit as they recognized the process of amalgamation of the ego and essence in their lives. “Reading Dr. Howell’s book was the beginning a deeper exploration into the journey within,” Sylvia says. “The Enneagram serves not only as a personality indicator, but as a conduit of self-knowledge that breaks negative patterns of ego-preservation, while welcoming the holy ideas and virtues of your true essence.”

The Reverend Norma Halmagyi Hanson is a retired rector who lives in North Carolina. She began her career as a lab associate at the University of Virginia Department of Preventative Medicine where she conducted research in polio, echo viruses and other infections. After raising four children, she returned to the classroom as a college instructor of microbiology, anatomy and physiology. Her desire to feed her soul—and the souls of others—drew her to attend Lancaster Theological Seminary and Virginia Theological Seminary, where she earned a Masters of Divinity. She also earned a D Min at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Norma worked as a nursing home and hospital chaplain, priest in charge, vicar and rector. She continues to lead Centering Prayer groups, and using the Enneagram as a guide, counsels veterans of recent wars.

Leslie Jones has degrees and experience in education and law. She enjoys spending time with her daughters and grandchildren. Her most recent project is training to become a Life-Cycle Celebrant to provide personalized ceremonies, such as weddings, funerals, baby naming, and other milestone occasions, for people of all beliefs, philosophies, cultures, lifestyles, and combinations. She identifies herself as an ego Type Two, with a strong Three wing. “I am discovering new and different ways (operating out of my Four essence) to use all of this knowledge, experience, caregiving, and striving, she says.” Studying the Enneagram has brought understanding of myself and thus a better understanding of my spirituality and the world around me. I am most thankful for this program.”

Gerald Marcus is a licensed psychotherapist who uses various forms of meditation in his practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more than 30 years, he has worked in a variety of clinical settings with adults and teens, inpatient and outpatient, mental health and chemical  dependency, as  well  as private  practice. Gerald’s current focus is as an Employee Assistance Program counselor and consultant with a large utility company in Northern California. Gerry has two wonderful adult children and one grand-puppy. (He is completing the Enneagram Certification alongside his son, Mike.) He loves traveling, attending silent meditation  retreats, hiking and enjoys all kinds of art and food.

Mike Marcus is an urban planner, creative placemaker and arts entrepreneur who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina. Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree in City & Regional Planning from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Creative Placemaking from Ohio State University, Columbus. He is passionate about cultivating robust, creative economies, communities, and arts-based developments. He is also a glass artist who loves the design process almost as much as he loves interacting with his customers and collectors.

Monique Mitchell, Ph.D., helps youth in foster care face the challenges as they prepare for and transition into independent living. She is an interdisciplinary research professor at the University of South Carolina College of Social Work and state director for the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) data collection for youth transitioning out of foster care in South Carolina. She developed a nationally recognized methodology that has helped SC and other states approach youth with sensitivity, establish meaningful relationships with them, and ensure that they’re being heard. Monique believes that youth in foster care have the right and ability to change the systems that serve them, and she is committed to providing the resources and support to make this possibility become a reality. Her knowledge of the Enneagram provides her with insight to encourage healthy development of essence in each life she touches.

Galen McWilliams lives in Columbia, South Carolina where she attends St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church.  She was raised an Episcopalian in Bronxville, NY and educated in the northeast. After marrying, moving south, and having two children (now in their twenties), she obtained a master’s degree in social work at the University of SC. Now divorced, she works part time on the SC Middle Grades Initiative, which is currently aimed at literacy of all children. Most recently, she has begun work as an EfM Mentor through a distance education program from Sewanee’s School of Theology on Anglican theology and is training in spiritual reflection over a four year period. After discovering the Enneagram 20 years ago, she has been an avid student, studying with a small group weekly for five years and traveling far and wide to attend conferences and learn how to come to terms with being an ego Type Eight. Her journey has been truly integral to who she is today, and she wants all of God’s children to know it, especially from the soul child perspective.

LaRhea Sanford, Ed.D. is a retired educator who worked in the field of education of the blind and visually impaired for over 40 years. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Biology Education (1968) and an M.S. in Visual Disabilities (1972), and from Vanderbilt University with an Ed.D. in Administration and Supervision (1984). She concurrently worked as an adjunct instructor at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University for 24 years helping to train teachers to work with students with visual impairments. LaRhea was introduced to the Enneagram four years ago. The information and strategies for growth that she has learned in the workshops conducted by Dr. Howell and his training team, and from reading related books, have made a huge difference in her life. These materials have been an answer to her prayers — to know and feel God’s love, peace, and joy in the relationships in her life.

John Spaulding entered the seminary at age 22 and earned multiple degrees, including M.Div. from University of Dubuque, M.A. Th. Norte Dame Seminary and D. Min. Pittsburgh Seminary. Although retired, the active 81 year old Presbyterian minister still serves two churches in the New Orleans area. He is also treasurer of a four-state Presbyterian Historical Society and president of the Louisiana Foundation, and vice president of the project Homecoming, which has built more than 250 homes in the area since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. He is a certified Spiritual Director, Dream Group Leader and Mandala Facilitator. He and his wife, Patricia, will celebrate 58 years of marriage in January, 2015. “At age 81 the Enneagram has changed my life!” John says. “I see consciousness and awareness as what this life is about. Growth into consciousness is a sensitivity to what is really going on in and around you in relationships.”


John B. Adams, M.Div., BCC is a confirmed # 2 on the Enneagram spectrum. He is a ‘Giver, Helper,’ and all round winsome guy. He continues to strive to help others for the others’ sake, spontaneously and freely. However, on occasion he has been very creative in finding ways for others to need him, even when they don’t realize their need. By Grace, he is working on the area of genuine humility and being really conscious and present. John is the Director of Congregational Care for the Turner Ministry Resource Center, a division of the Pastoral Institute, Columbus, Georgia. He has worked as a Professional Counselor, Family Life Educator, Employee Assistance Professional, and John is a Board Certified Coach. For more than 30 years, John has led workshops for religious and business sectors on topics of personality types, learning styles, conflict management, staffing patterns, strategic planning and personal growth and development. Most recently, John has led workshops and retreats on the use of the Enneagram. John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mercer University and a Masters of Divinity degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. John is certified as a trainer for the Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory. John’s interest and study have led him to become certified in the Enneagram. This ancient tool continues to open new doors of promise and hope for life with purpose. He obtained certification through Dr. Jerome Wagner, Loyola University, Chicago and he recently completed certification as part of the inaugural class with Dr. Joe Howell, author of the book, ‘Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway.’

Diana Blosser lives in College Park, GA with her husband Donn and two large dogs – an Airedale and a Lab mix. They have three grown sons and 4 grandchildren. She graduated from Agnes Scott College with a BA degree with a music major, has a Masters from Georgia State in organ performance, and completed 105 hours of post grad work in Curriculum and Instruction with a cognate in Management at Georgia State. Diana has worked as an Organist/ChoirMaster at many churches in the Diocese of Atlanta. She is a workshop and retreat leader, a Spiritual Director, and a Benedictine Oblate at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, GA. In addition to her “church” work, she has also worked in Adult Education at Georgia State and Clayton State. Studying the enneagram with Dr. Howell has opened both my mind and heart as to who I am and given me a better understanding of my family and friends. I feel that it is a wonderful “tool” to use both in a workshop/retreat mode as well as in my Spiritual Direction Practice.

Beverly Casey earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations almost 20 years ago from The University of Alabama, and is now in graduate school earning a master’s degree in humanistic psychology from the University of West Georgia. Beverly and her husband, Patrick, are parents to two amazing kids and work together in the family business. Beverly has worked in the private sector on and off over the course of her career in public relations and management consulting as well as owning and operating a retail business. She is active in her community, church and loves performing in local theater. Beverly came to know Joe Howell and the Enneagram almost a decade ago and has found her life converging in a spirit-led way with this incredible opportunity to study, learn and teach the ancient wisdom that Dr. Howell has brought to a growing audience through his book, Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway. Written so eloquently in layman’s terms, this incredible resource has helped her grow in Christ and love as she has experienced the continuing awareness that springs from the truth born of the Enneagram’s knowledge. As a student of the wisdom, the knowledge and spirit of the Enneagram has become the central way in which she moves in the world through an understanding of her own ego-driven motivations and the message of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the sacred container through which Dr. Howell teaches. Complete peace can be received when the ego moves from the forefront and consciousness takes root in everyday life. Becoming aware of this movement of consciousness that continues to surface around our planet in an ever-increasing wave of thirst for peace and understanding of our fellow human beings has been a positive life-changing experience. “Understanding my own fears and the true source of them has been a liberating experience. The Enneagram has given me the tools that along with my spiritual life in Christ have made my existence meaningful and full of the joy that God intended for us all to harbor.”

Judy Hellmann holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters in Education with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. She retired in 2001 from 29 years in education as an elementary school teacher and guidance counselor. In 2012, she retired from her 10 year position as Business Manager of a Chiropractic Office. Judy is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 8. She attended her first Enneagram Conference in October of 2012, she says “This changed my life and I decided I wanted to learn all I could and share with others.”

Daniel L. Miller is a retired educator and has a varied background in education. Most of his professional life dealt with disability services, a focus on deafness and attentional deficits. His avocation of music has placed him on the organ bench or in the choir loft most of his life. He has trained as a Spiritual Director in connection with his work as Director of the Pond House Retreat Center, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Talladega, AL. His desire for a fuller life has included completion of The Academy for Spiritual Formation and Enneagram. The Enneagram has provided a solid foundation to help him focus his path for a closer walk with the Divine.

Susan Sedberry Murphy is a school counselor at Rocky Ridge Elementary in Hoover, AL. As a mother of four and grandmother of three she is on a constant learning curve. As a cradle Episcopalian in the Diocese of Alabama and history of playing in God’s backyard / Camp McDowell, she has enjoyed a rich spiritual life. Her journey has included many tools such as Faith Alive, CSU, Faithful Friends, Bible Studies, Cursillio, the Alpha Course, Alanon, EfM and the Enneagram. “I am exploring the Enneagram in my life & work. It has minimized the conflict in my life as it goes deep and wide; way beyond Denominations, Religions, Race, Gender, Nationality and Politics. I believe it can do for Individuals & families what Cursillo has done for our Church! Growing up in Alabama, Bishop Carpenter’s motto was “Remember who you are and what you represent” and in a phrase, that is what the enneagram does.”

The Reverend Rick Putman is a priest of the Episcopal Church, having served in a variety of ministries for over 40 years. Currently, his ministry is focused on spiritual formation and spiritual direction through teaching, speaking, writing/blogging, and working with individuals and groups. Rick graduated from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 1966 with a BS in Psychology. After serving for five years in the US Air Force as an officer and B52 crew member, he studied at The Candler School of Theology of Emory University, receiving his M. Div degree in 1974. This was followed by two years of post – graduate study in Jungian Psychology. Rick is a graduate of the Haden Institute for Spiritual Direction, is certified by CAPT as an MBTI Step I & II Practitioner, certified as a Reiki Level II Practitioner, and certified by The Institute for Conscious Being as a Teacher of the Spirituality of the Enneagram. Rick has an abiding interest in primitive and indigenous spiritualities. He resides in Birmingham, Ala., which is his hometown. He has three daughters, each of whom he admires for their depth of spirit and caring hearts.

Frances Rumsey is a native to Tuscaloosa, AL, where she and her husband, Steven, live in Tuscaloosa with their son and daughter; who are both currently attending the University of Alabama. Frances and Steven are University of Alabama graduates. Frances has a BS degree in Retail with  interest in art. Ministry interests have been Christian Formation and various groups within Christ Episcopal Church. She has attended many Spirituality and Christian Formation conferences at Kanuga, serving on staff twice. She has attended National Christian Formation conferences and was part of the administrative staff at Christ Episcopal Church serving as Children’s Ministry Director. She served a three year term on the Diocesan Christian Formation Council and has formal training in Godly Play and Workshop Rotation Methods. Frances has been an active participants in the Alabama Cursillo movement for many years. “The Enneagram has been a wonderful learning and enriching experience for me. It has helped me see many truths about  myself, about life and about others. It gives passage to who I am and who others are – at the core of our souls. It is an ongoing process that requires honesty and work within the self. I am grateful to those who have and will journey this road with me.”

Clay Simmons is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Bradford Health Services. Clay is the founder and president of Anonymous Hands for Recovery, a non-profit that touches lives by connecting addicts and alcoholics to the resources they need. The organization provides outreach, support and financial assistance to those motivated to live free of mind altering substances. Clay has been a leader in addiction treatment in the public, proprietary and non-profit sectors since 1977. Clay was a certified Mental Health Professional from 1977- 1983. Clay came to Bradford in 1980 from Charter Medical Corporation where he administered both adult and adolescent treatment units. After serving as Executive Director of several Bradford facilities, Clay was named Bradford’s Chief Executive Officer until the Parkside acquisition in 1993 when he became the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Bradford Health Services. Since 1994 he has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. Clay has served as the Chairman of the Psychiatric Constituency Section for the Alabama Hospital Association. He has served as a member of the Alabama Certificate of Need Review Board, and an appointed member of the Statewide Health Coordinating Council. Clay earned his Bachelor of Art in psychology from the University of Georgia and his Masters of Art from Georgia Southern University. Clay was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society.

Sandi Simmons earned her Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology from Auburn University, her certification in Early Childhood Education from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and her Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University. Sandi works with women who suffer from the effects of addiction in the life of a family member or a friend. Sandi is a certified Catechist for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori method providing children opportunity to deepen their relationship with God. Sandi has worked as an addiction counselor through the East Alabama Mental Health Association, and a college student counselor for Talladega College and West Georgia college. Sandi was a speech therapist for the Carrollton City Schools in Carrollton, Georgia. Sandi has been a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photography Association. Sandi worked for twelve years as a Series 7 Registered Financial Consultant and Assistant Vice President for Merrill Lynch and for Morgan Stanley. Sandi is a member of “Sistas” a fellowship of women sharing a rich spiritual journey. Sandi enjoys dancing, writing, and painting the joys of her soul.

Barbara Sloan is the Development Director for Camp Winnataska, a place where she learned at an early age about the four dimensions of a human being: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. She is a visual artist and writer who has a 40-year career in the theatre. For over two decades, she taught theatre at Samford University and has designed costumes and scenery for over 250 productions. Barbara also served as the Creative Director of the American Village (2001 – 2007) and as Executive Director of The Seasoned Performers, Alabama’s only senior adult acting company (2007 – 2013). A playwright and non-fiction writer, her book Barefoot Among the Thorns  tells the story of dance in Birmingham. Her daughter Elin Glenn works at the Hoover Library Theatre and has three children, Emmeline and twins, George and Arthur. Her son Seth Olson is the curate at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Decatur. Barbara’s work with the Enneagram has helped her more clearly understand how our egos constrict our true essence. After categorizing herself as a creative and melancholy Four, she now is beginning to glimpse a conscious self behind that facade.