Raising Individual and Collective Consciousness

ICB core Enneagram teachings were derived by Dr. Joseph B. Howell. Dr. Howell studied with Enneagram scholars, Maria Beesing and Patrick O’Leary. His approach developed from the writings of the Christian Desert Mothers and Fathers, the teachings of George I. Gurdjieff, Oscar Ichazo, and more contemporary teachers including Claudio Narjano, Don Riso, Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, Sandra Maitri, and Richard Rohr. The pedagogical approach of ICB curriculum is to present this ancient wisdom through the Heart, Mind, and Body, which reflect the Enneagram’s three Centers of Intelligence.

Because ICB’s teaching of the Enneagram is for spiritual consciousness, a tremendous learning focus is on the phenomenon of transformation. The areas of study begin with ego identification, compulsions and fixations, and how they lead to human suffering.

The learning process develops into a focus on the soul, and the powerful ways the Enneagram lifts people out of ego fixations. The study of the soul includes concepts such as one’s soul child, soul point, and essence. Qualities of the soul are a unique body of our teachings, which include but are not limited to the scientific studies of the soul, and the area of study that ICB has uniquely named, “Soulality”.

Enneagram Image

The Enneagram is a map of spiritual energy flow dating back to the ancient mystics.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram literally means nine points. Dating back to the ancient mystics, it is basically a map of spiritual energy flow, and has a much larger scope than its particular use in understanding personality. As a system based in mathematical concepts, it reveals the movement and foundational principles of knowledge, including theology, music, philosophy, architecture, law, science etc. In the study of personality, the Enneagram is primarily designed for self-inquiry. There are nine rudimentary personality types in the Enneagram as shown in the diagram on this page. When one discovers her own energy, then she can recall her very unique personality.

By discovering one’s Enneagramatic personality, one can come to know the many layers of self in a very personal and particular way. It is not simply a typing system as are some personality theories; it is a system of becoming enlightened to one’s deepest qualities of soul. Upon further exploration, the Enneagram points out exactly how strengths are dynamically increased, and unproductive or destructive behaviors are brought to consciousness and even healed.

Can We Create a More Compassionate World?

Study of the Enneagram provides a pathway for increasing self-awareness, compassion and conscious living. Far more than a personality typing system, it illuminaFind fellowship at ICB conference and eventstes a roadmap to our most authentic, healthiest selves. When we remember our true nature, the patterns of life begin to make sense. We get to know our selves in a truly eye-opening way. Our motivations, desires, compulsions and virtues all come to light when we understand that we were created as pure expressions of God’s love. Only then can we see beyond our unhealthy patterns and enter the transformational spiral of growth that we can carry into all aspects of our lives.

The Enneagram shows us our traps and guides us to find our virtues. Likewise, it reveals the shortcomings and assets of our family members, friends, colleagues, leaders, etc. When we see that our motivations are all derived from the same desire to avoid pain and suffering, true empathy and understanding can replace fear and judgement.

Becoming Conscious Book Cover

ICB conferences, retreats, workshops and intensive trainings are based on the text Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway  by Dr. Joseph Howell.