The Institute of Conscious Being was founded in 2012 to promote living in spiritual consciousness. This is accomplished by educating people through a broad compendium of offerings such as conferences for gaining general knowledge and courses for certification in selected studies which put into practice the Enneagram and other tools for discerning higher consciousness.

While ICB is inclusive of all conscious pathways to God, Christianity is its formation and container. The primary principle upon which the Institute is built is this: True spiritual consciousness is born of alignment with the love of God. In such alignment, the person exists primarily in their soul state rather than in their ego state. This principle forms the basis of the ICB teachings.

Global Purpose

Affirming that humanity has a Divine Source, that all people everywhere are spiritually connected, and that every thought and action affects all others, the Institute for Conscious Being promotes activities that raise consciousness of these principles. The Institute for Conscious Being realizes that individuals and collectives suffer greatly because they are not aware of these truths. Also, many do not know the destructive force of the ego, the power of the soul, or the invisible yet universal connection of everyone’s body, heart, and mind.

The Institute for Conscious Being was created in response to the call for spiritual consciousness. The call arose because humanity has never been able to totally eradicate itself until recent history. In fact global tensions, the risk of nuclear war, and environmental deterioration increase yearly. There has always been conflict and ignorance, but conflict and ignorance can now cause self-annihilation of the species.


Consciousness brings people into community with others who also see the world as a universal entity. Conscious individuals and communities reach out to others to forge the chain of consciousness. This chain is what will hopefully prevent the destruction of our species.

ICB believes that the more people who are conscious, the less conflict, destruction, and suffering there will be. In an effort to increase the critical mass of human beings who are spiritually conscious, ICB provides educational and other activities in several venues. The Institute also certifies persons at different levels of competency, in the Spirituality of Enneagram and Consciousness Studies. This is accomplished through intensive training experiences which are academic as well as experiential in nature.